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Frequently Asked Questions for Wakeboard Towers
Will the Fluid Concepts’ towers fit on my boat? This is the question we get asked the most. The simple answer would be YES. However, this depends on which tower we are talking about and, of course, your boat. Our custom towers (Vintage, N1, or N2) our manufactured to fit your boat specifically. We can even custom tailor certain design features to meet your needs. Our Universal tower will fit most boats right out of the box with mounting widths between 76” and 106”. If your boat is narrower than 76” then you may want to consider a custom tower.

Will my existing bimini top still work with a tower?
This is the hardest question to answer since all bimini tops are not created equal. Some are very large and tall. In our experience, about 50% of the existing bimini tops work with towers. But don’t be too discouraged by this fact since some biminis can be modified to work. Or, if you really want a streamline setup we offer tower mounted bimini tops in a wide range of colors and at a very fair price.

What is the difference between the Universal tower and the N1 or N2?
Besides the obvious in the looks department, there are a few differences between the towers you should know about. Our Custom towers (Vintage, N1, and N2) are made specifically to fit your boat with more options, colors, and finishes. They are fully welded and are not adjustable which gives them not only a great look, but superior strength and fit. The universal has its advantages by being less expensive and ready to ship same day.

Do you offer polished towers? Yes, but our towers have an added benefit of being polished then anodized. Some towers on the market today are simply polished aluminum which will dull and oxidize very quickly leaving it up to the owner to repolish frequently. Anodized coatings seal in the aluminum luster keeping it looking good for years without any maintenance. This is why you see so many factory towers with an anodized finish. So don’t be fooled into getting a polished tower without an anodized coating.

How long does it take to get a tower? Universal towers will ship the same day if ordered early enough (usually around 3pm). Custom towers need more time. On average, our custom towers take 10-14 days to manufacture from the time of order. With the anodized option, the tower takes far less time to manufacture (around 3 days) since we don’t have to send it out for powder coating.

Can I install this tower myself? Yes, our towers come complete with step-by-step instructions. You will need a few helpers and be proficient with some basic tools such as a drill and wrenches. The universal tower may require a saw to cut the tubes if the boat is narrow.

Do you install towers at your facility? Yes, please feel free to contact us for tower installations. By appointment only.

What are the major differences are between the N1 and N2? Besides the obvious distinction in looks the other differences are:
• the amount of sweep towards the rear
• welded crossbars on the N1 make for a more traditional look
• the N1 folds forward as a whole
• the N2 folds both ways

What do the towers really do for wakeboarding and my boat? Wakeboard towers get the rope above the boat which allows the rider to get more air for landing trick and they make it easier for beginners to get up and start riding for the first time. Wakeboard towers are very useful as well by getting the wakeboards and other equipment off the floor of the boat.

What is the standard finish? The standard finish is powder coating with your choice of any color. If you want to see the colors available we have a small sample of the available colors on our color chart. Please note that the actual colors may appear different then what your computer monitor displays. Also, please keep in mind that color matching can be difficult (a neutral color such as black or silver is always a safe bet).

Where can I purchase Fluid Concepts towers? Towers can be purchased through our authorized dealers or you can purchase directly with us.

How does the tower mount? Does the tower come with everything I need? Do you provide backing plates? All towers come complete with everything you need for mounting including backing plates. Our towers have several different mounting methods, but all use a compression system with bolts going through the fiberglass and being secured with locknuts on the backside. Rubber pads are also included for the topside. In rare instances, you may need to reinforce the mounting area if the fiberglass is less than 3/8” thick.

What is the cost of powder coating? This is included in base price of the tower.

How much is shipping? Shipping is generally between $85 and $100. These prices rise a bit every year. We usually ship towers UPS ground and they can take up to 5 working days to reach their destination.

How do the board racks mount to the towers and where? Anywhere you want them with the proper sized clamps. Our board racks are extremely versatile and are guaranteed not to slip no matter which way you mount them.

Will a tower add value to my boat? Absolutely. There’s no doubt that boats with a tower will sell faster and are worth more than boats without a tower in the present market. Also consider the hidden values to you, your family, and friends. Your kids will love you! Okay, so maybe we went a bit overboard.