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With so many tower speakers available these days it’s hard to figure out what’s good and what isn't’. Some claim to be the loudest while others claim to have the best sound. So how do you choose? Well, we can't answer that for you, but we can tell you about some important differences that set our speakers apart from the rest!

Anyone can throw speakers into a can and hang them from a tower, but not everyone can make them sound good and perform in rough wet conditions. Not to mention, the speakers should look as good as they sound. Well, this is where we excel and others come up short. Don’t’ be fooled by the simple exterior and small package of the RockStar Speakers. A lot more goes into these speakers than meets the eye.

Unique Features for all Fluid Concepts Speakers:

  • Custom gaskets for improved acoustics and weather protection
  • Vibration and resonance damping material inside
  • Acoustically tuned enclosures
  • Air tight silent enclosures improves sound quality
  • Versatile mounting with custom clamps
RockStar TR Series Tower Speakers

JL Audio Evolution TR Series: An entry level speaker that packs a punch without sacrificing sound quality. Coaxial speaker with built-in crossover.
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RockStar VR Series Tower Speakers

JL Audio Evolution VR Series: A top-of-the-line coaxial speaker with a custom tailored built-in crossover. Engineered for a smooth
clean mid-range performance with midbass impact.
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 RockStar SK Tower Speakers
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